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Please consult this checklist √ before visiting our office and bring any supporting paperwork to assist with your tax return.                                                    

Your Income
Group Certificate or Payment Summaries
Employer Lump Sum Payments
Termination Payments (EFT)
Aust Government Allowances , Newstart, Youth Allowance etc
Pensions & Allowances
Annuities  and Superannuation Income, Super Lump Sum Payments
Interest- Bank Interest etc
Share Dividend Statements
Partnership & Trust Income
Managed Investment income
Any Foreign Income
Your Expenses
Work Related expenses
•Travel expenses
•Protective Clothing & Uniform
•Motor Vehicle Expenses
•Other Work Related Expenses
•Self Education
Interest Deductions
Dividend Deductions
Tax Agents Fee
Child Support
Private Health Insurance
Education expenses for Primary & Secondary School
Private Health Insurance
Medical Expenses over $2000
Share Buy & Sell Contracts

Rental Property

Repairs & Maintenance Expenses
Rates Water & Council
Bank Loan Expenses
Real Estate Fees